Building Exteriors

Our ASSET PRESERVATION programs also protect your building exteriors

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Building Exteriors

DFS’ SurfaceGuard™ is an advanced suite of products that serve to protect any hard surface material with a molecular bonding of Nano particles.

SurfaceGuard™ coatings are designed for use on any substrate, including concrete, wood, stone, metal, vinyl, and tile. Unlike coatings that merely sit on the surface of the substrate, SurfaceGuard™ penetrates the surface of the substrate and serves to repel moisture, stains, scratches, and mold by binding at a molecular level and thereby producing a superior protective barrier.

SurfaceGuard™ also provides a significant additional benefit for building exteriors and monuments: anti-graffiti protection.

SurfaceGuard™ produces zero VOCs, no known carcinogens, and satisfies or exceeds all current environmental testing standards.