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Buildings: Vol. 114, № 5 (September / October 2020)

 Volume: 114 |  Issue: 5 |  Download

On The Cover: Winning the Wellness Game: Some pro sports teams are setting the standard when it comes to ensuring health and safety. Learn how Yankee Stadium became the world's first sports venue to achieve the WELL Health-Safety Rating.

ISHN Magazine: Vol. 54, № 8 (August 2020)

 Volume: 54 |  Issue: 8 |  Download

On The Cover: A Step Up: Returning to work for at-risk employees. During the ever-pressing COVID-19 pandemic, employers and employees alike are dealing with a "new normal."

Buildings: Vol. 114, № 4 (July / August 2020)

 Volume: 114 |  Issue: 4 |  Download

On The Cover: Ready to Reopen? Buildings that closed during the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic are now facing a long to-do list. Closing for weeks or months creates all sorts of consequences. Here are five things you need to anticipate if you're reopening.