DFS Green is an industry certified installation company.

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Flooring installation is one of the most critical and challenging services to manage.
We guarantee compliance with each manufacturer’s installation specifications to ensure that your flooring is installed properly. We also comply with the Carpet and Rug Institute’s standards and procedures for all installations.

All our installation service personnel attend professional organization and manufacturer certification training classes, and their techniques all comply with OSHA safety standards.

The flooring products you select and how those products are installed can greatly impact building operations. We use the latest technologies and certified craftsman to ensure proper and safe installation. But beyond great products is our unique approach to total project management covering all phases from planning through execution.

Furniture Lift Technology

For carpet replacement in occupied work environments, our lift technology is an efficient and economical alternative to dismantling and moving office furniture. Our trained technicians simply lift the furniture off the floor with a hand-controlled jacking system, without disconnecting existing data or electrical wires that reside within the furniture panels, or total breakdown of furniture systems. Next, our technicians can easily remove and reclaim the old floorcovering and install the new flooring. This process minimizes interruption and results in saving up to 40% of the costs of conventional installation.


DFS Green is committed to providing our customers and our employees with a clean, safe, and healthy environment in which to work. We recognize that this is the right and responsibility of every customer and DFS Green employee. It is our belief that accidents are preventable if safety is made an integral part of daily activities. Preventing work-related injuries is so crucial that safety awareness is continually instilled in every employee.

Service Guarantee

We are committed to the highest standards of business integrity and extend an unconditional satisfaction guarantee.

Standard Warranty

All our installations are guaranteed for one full year.

Lifetime Warranty

Our standard installation warranty is extended for the life of your flooring products when bundled with our Maintenance Services.